James Corey Goode Sues Kennedy, Richards, and Youngblood

Roger Richards and Adrienne Youngblood were among the core contributors to the vision of the

Full Disclosure Project.  The initial mission; to spread disclosure information to the collective, inspiring an awakening in the hearts of humanity. Later Leon Kennedy would become involved with helping to advance that mission to another level of awareness. 


This grass roots activist movement became a huge influence in disseminating and exposing newly understood information concerning advanced technologies, secret government space programs, our galactic cousins, and many dark realties that have been hidden from humanity.


James Corey Goode was among the whistleblowers who came forward to speak of his experiences in these programs, including the Secret Space Program. He brought forth a message for humanity that he claimed was from off planet beings called the Blue Avians. The message was based on the familiar choice of being Service to Self or Service to Others, with the understanding that if enough people woke up and became more Service to Others, the collective consciousness would tip the scales from dark to light and those who made the cut would transform during the ascension process. Corey also claims to have continued relationships with inner earth beings called the Anchar, who speak to him directly. As a whistleblower, Corey also asserts he is a part of an "Earth Alliance"  that offers him galactic federation intel that he shares with his followers, and recently Mr. Goode has transitioned into a "motivational speaker" in the "consciousness community" citing himself as the Enoch of our modern times.

During the birth of the original movement, many creations were orchestrated by the many volunteers who heard the call.  Content was produced, several movies were made and many events were created. It was the intention of most to spread the seeds of awakening and help to reveal the truth around the many dimensions of disclosure. But along the way, the mission turned into a business where 3rd density practices were initiated.  Trademarks, Intellectual Property, branding, points and profits and who-gets-what became a focus for Corey Goode.


 At a time when the rest of the world was concerned with the consequences of a rigged election, COVID19, unemployment, race riots, economic disaster and a world in crisis; with minimal conversation Mr. Goode filed lawsuits against those involved in the production of said Disclosure vehicles.  Most allegations completely false. This would be Mr. Goodes 5th, 6th, and 7th lawsuit, aimed at those who worked with him, the very people dedicated to the Full Disclosure movement.


Most every allegation made by Mr. Goode is a false allegation and that will be shown in the court of law and in the court of public opinion where Cosmic Justice is most valued.

It is within the pages of this website that the 3 defendants give their own testimony and offer the opportunity for those interested to follow the case. Evidence admitted to the courts as well as that evidence not admitted, will be posted here on a weekly basis. Contributors and content creators that feel they have something to add to these proceedings are welcome and can submit their offering on the contact page, and we will get back to you on how to submit your contribution.

Considering this, within this Cosmic Justice forum with the community as witnesses, we invite Corey Goode to meet us, with his evidence in the court of public opinion for a Cosmic Tribunal mediated by a mutually agreed upon community team. All 3 defendants will provide their evidence as to the "inaccuracies" of the accusations Mr. Goode has implicated. Whatever the Tribunal decides, we will honor. We can then invite community members to satisfy their own inquiries and come to their own reconciliation about this situation, allowing them to expand their own view on many things.

While the world is in a much more dire condition that warrants our full attention on this, it becomes important because it determines how we bridge our differences, misunderstandings, intentions and allows reconciliation of our own individual truths. Above all else, the truth and understanding will offer healing to the community as well as to those directly involved. In the world of Disclosure activists, this kind of transparency should be the standard if we are to evolve and truly walk our talk. We are bracing ourselves for an uncertain future. Upcoming world events require UNITY and the division being created by these laws suits creates confusion.  











"We are Disclosure" 

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