Adrienne Youngblood

In acknowlegement of the Lawsuit that Corey Goode has included me in, and publicly announced repeatedly along with a link to the lawsuit, I have chosen to respond to his claims, also publicly.  I am here because Corey chose to handle his relationships this way. I am responding, because I have no choice. ANYONE can file a law suit and make claims; and then make that lawsuit public, stating your case by bolstering yourself while slandering those you accuse, in order to gain public support. Whether the accusations are true or not, anyone can file a lawsuit saying anything. It's Easy Peasy. THAT'S our corrupt legal system.  I would have chosen a different route. It has obviously taken many months to come to this decision to just tell my story. First to figure out WTH just happened, then to heal, then to decipher my part it in, and now to respond. It's been a process for sure. I am not a public figure or public person nor do I have a desire to be that. I have always worked best as an orchestra conductor, a pillar, a lighthouse or a tree. So this has been an awkward and difficult decision. But my children are telling me I must. And for them, I am.

This testimony is incredibly long. As I go, it will get longer with links to the pounds of evidence that support my truth, because I've been challenged, not because I want to be here. Before you read on, I want to make it clear that there is absolutely no reason I would want to retain what Mr Goode wants from me. But having been pushed up against a wall, my sense of ethics, morality and karma have been relentlessly initiated. When you read on you may understand that I came to this endeavor as an activist with the only intention of trying to make a difference in the world. As a retired professional with a very rich life,  making money or a new career was hardly on my radar, for myself or anyone else, except to generate funds for what our little corner of the Disclosure movement required to keep moving. When it became about business and one man, I had hoped that 2019 would end my work with the energy I was walking with. Ironically, that's exactly what happened and however fate shaped my journey out, I am grateful for the release.


I am so honored to be able to offer my testimony here in the public court of Cosmic Justice. I personally find the use of the 3D paradigm legal system to be patriarchal and oppressive. The system as it is organized today and the action of "suing" a person, in my opinion, is a violence against humanity that as an activist, I put on my list of systems that need to be dismantled and revolutionized. If we are to collectively evolve into the spiritual beings that we are, our laws must be based in the One with the considerations and consequences of Natural Law. Those who use this current 3D system are perpetuating its violence, keeping us trapped in the corrupt. 

As indicated in green highlights, there is a great deal of evidence through many documents, videos, photos, texts, emails, affidavits and witness testimonies that document FACTS, and honor and prove my actions and position. Unfortunately, legal council has strongly advised they not be posted here at this time. They will however, be made available, once certain legalities have been satisfied. Or if the community Tribunal is enacted. Be assured that if I've said it here, I have accurate, substantial evidence to prove it, unlike the lawsuit I was included in that just tosses out false statements. In my opinion, the lawsuit as it is written today looks more like a PR campaign for Mr. Goode.  (see lawsuit)



On 02. 28. 2017, After filing out the volunteer form on the website, I was invited by Roger Richards to volunteer my skills to the Full Disclosure Project movement. This group met online in a Slack chat community. I was excited to join the group and get involved. Roger was the main facilitator of about 25+ volunteers, with periodic posts and input from Corey Goode. We spoke directly to each other in that Slack Group. Corey knew who I was as we had many involved conversations. We all discussed ways to raise capital for the mission and how to spread the “message”. I was thrilled to meet and be in conversations with so many amazing people who seemed to have the same heartbeat as my own, with the same passion to change the world through the activism of community, art and the creative process.  At one point we decided to create t-shirts for an upcoming May conference, Contact in the Desert 2017.  I helped design the shirts, and then had them produced. I delivered the shirts to the group’s Air bNb, where I met Roger, Rene, Corey, and several others in person for the first time, but we all had been working together for 4 months prior. As a volunteer I also was a room host for Corey Goodes workshop at CITD that year, which was a pre-planned placement.  In the lawsuit, Corey says I met him at a conference. But I began working with him in February of 2017... It seems incidental,  why shape the story this way?



FIRST EVENT: 8/2017 - Eclipse of Disclosure.

As a volunteer for the group, I took the reins for organizing and facilitating the event "Eclipse of Disclosure" in McCloud, CA in August of 2017.  The group was distracted by our first social media "attack" by critics who claimed the group was a satanic cult, and Corey was the cult leader. My strategy was to ignore it. The evidence presented by the accusors, citied a "gathering"  where some kind of ritual was to have occurred. Since my husband and  I were AT that gathering, I knew exactly what happened. (nothing but a get together)  So I knew it was all crazy BS. From my perspective, I felt it wasn't even worth comment. If we just carried on and shaped the plans we had, our work would speak for itself. We would attract those who were in the same vibration with the same passion and calling and these trouble makers would fade away. Corey chose to dive right in and use social media as a battle ground. Or a sand box. It was devastating and distracting. Roger got pulled in because of his tattoos and to this day has experienced the negative residual fallout. But I felt to carry on by sinking my attention into creating a community event, and let the others fight their fight.  My experience in event organizing was called upon to take the lead and continue with what Roger had initiated. Despite the ridiculous but painful drama created by a darker journalist, Roger and I and many others, were able to bring together an amazing gathering. The event, scheduled during the great American eclipse,  featured many Keynote speakers including Corey Goode, Jay Weidner, Dr. Michael Salla, Laura Eisenhower, Clifford Mahooty,  Gerold McDonald, and several others.  Jimmy Church was the host.


I was not compensated for this effort. It was a pro bono offering, extended for the Disclosure movement. I was happy to be of service, along with my daughter and husband who were also instrumental in the execution of the event.  

I became deeply involved in “the movement” and “the mission” that was grounded in “the message” I had heard my whole life. I fell in love with the arrival of a true community created by activists and Starseeds declaring their own missions with love for humanity and our planet. A bond was formed that continues to energetically thread us together as we weave in and out of each others orbits. (COMPLAINT #83 - 10 EXHIBITS)



On 03.04.2018, an agreement between Corey & Stacy Goode, Roger Richards and myself was entered into. My agreement was to create events in collaboration with Roger Richards, featuring Corey Goode and other “truthers”, with the goal of not only funding activities for "the Disclosure movement”, but utilizing the events to interview other truthers and whistleblowers for content for documentaries. To be clear, I never had a legally executed contractual agreement with Corey in any way. Ever. I was told that the Anchar told Corey not to enter into signed agreements. I assumed this was some type of 4D thing Corey needed to adhere to.  I was fine with it. I trusted these people like family, and I was happy to just do the work that would change the world. (COMPLAINT #83 - 4 EXHIBITS)


As per our agreement, I devoted my time and energy to creating a slate of events that Roger and I mapped out for the rest of 2018. Leaving my family, home and animal rescue behind,  I travelled to Colorado extensively to accomplish this work.  My agreed upon "share" of the events I generated, was a monthly sum, plus expenses, that was alotted when and if funds were available, through the creation of these said events. The rest of the generated funds from events created went towards boot strapping other projects and operating expenses for the group. Roger and I co-created or produced 6 productions/events in 2018; Cosmic Co-Creation, CG @CITD2018, w/Disclosurefest 2018, Majestic Masquerade, w/Disclosurefest DC 11/11, and a 400 participant conference, that I coined Dimensions of Disclosure.

I was responsible for creating DoD2018 in its entirety, with Rogers support and technical direction. I handled all of the preplanning, organizing, scheduling, designing, speakers, and orchestration of all decisions and operations of Dimensions of Disclosure 2018. The task list is ridiculously long and will be laid out in full detail with the supporting documentation, witness testimony and evidence. Roger handled the technical aspects and ran activities in the main stage “Dome” during the conference, while also finishing the editing of the movie “Above Majestic”, so we could show an exclusive of the second cut, on the final night of the conference. Corey was not involved in any of the conference responsibilities, except as a Speaker. He wasn't a part of planning ANY of the “infrastructure“. Not a single thing, unless watching counts. His statement is completely false and it's mind boggling that someone can just toss out any ol' thing and throw it in a lawsuit. It's an abuse of an already corrupt system, and hardly enlightened.

For the record (because now there is one) I was first to use the name and event in commerce, as I created the DoD logo, website and own the domain name that first advertised the conference in April 2018. (COMPLAINT #83 & #86, & #90+ 14 EXHIBITS)) 

To be clear, No other financial agreements were made concerning these events. There was no additional percentages for ANY event, specifically for DoD 2018. Additionally, I was/am not an accountant. I assumed a CPA would be hired for accounting. The agreement organically ended December 2018, and there was no further communication about it with anyone. It just ended. 



By the end of December 2018, the success of Roger and Jordan's movie,  "Above Majestic", created a great shift. It seemed Corey's personal goals were becoming the focus. Power, greed and hunger had begun its seduction. Those vulnerable caught the virus. Hollywood was interested and shiny promises were brewing. The lead singer left the band. The grass roots activist group I began with, started to deteriorate. The mission had morphed into a business. Several businesses. That is not what I wanted to be a part of. I was a retired professional dedicating my services to a cause, not a person. Fortunately, without conversation,  I garnered no further stipends after December, and did not include myself in future plans.  Since friendships, alliances, mutual goals and liquid funding dried up, I considered our "events agreement" organically terminated. Sporadic communication from Corey was the standard, so assumptions were often made. Additionally, Corey usually had most questions and communications go through Roger, his chosen Proxy at the time. So with Roger now in the zone of illness and shock, the silence in communications created transformations and disintegrations fed by that lack. 

Corey began a crusade against Roger, attempting to dismiss him as the creator of "Above Majestic", (a project he started before he even met Corey) to discredit him. He even tried to convince me that Roger had succumbed to "end time madness" and maybe he was part of the "dark alliance". Since I talked to Roger several times a week, I knew this to be Corey's very wrong perception. I told him so, but to no avail. Roger became very ill on many levels and since Roger was the glue that held us all together, the group as it originally formed, disintegrated. (3 EXHIBITS)




By March of 2019, Corey and Roger's relationship was fragile and as far as I knew, Leon Kennedy was now the counsel that tried to keep their newly forming team together.  I was not an integral part of what I was calling the new Hollywood Projects, and was happy to separate myself from that aspect. In my own life experiences, I had already walked that road and had NO interest in that direction. It seemed it was evolving into a conglomerate.  As we moved through this new alignment, it was clear to me that Leon was Corey's new Proxy, where business decisions were concerned. I didn't know Mr. Kennedy well but he always seemed professional, fair and impartial, and his spiritual commitment, leadership and influence was refreshing.

While their growing pains raged on, I was feeling ready to start planning the next party for the community. The community was where my own journey started and with all the separation I was longing to reunite with like hearted truthers. I injected the idea of a 2019 conference and the idea just got bounced back and forth. There was discussion with Corey, Roger and Leon, separately and together and although there was enthusiasm for the project, they ultimately made their decision to forgo a conference for 2019. Due to lack of resources from SBA in both energy and funding, they felt it was just too much on top of everything else they were doing (Movies, documentaries, mini series, courses, etc.)  and they didn't have any seed money for funding a conference, let alone the energy to contribute to it's production. The personal connections were fragmenting, but from my perspective, I could see there was still opportunity to continue the mission and gather the community for a conference. I was feeling the call even stronger to join with others, as I always felt so much power in the movement when the larger collective gathered. I recognized that this was my personal contribution to the Disclosure community, as I had now created multiple events. In my 40 years of professional experience, I have created a great many conferences and events of all complexities. After a great deal of contemplation and meditation, I said I would do it on my own and accept full responsibility and liability.  It was with Corey, Roger and Leons blessing that I took ownership of and produced Dimensions of Disclosure 2019, on my own. (COMPLAINT#86 - 3 EXHIBITS)

It was at that time I formed Full Disclosure Collaborative LLC and solely produced Dimensions of Disclosure 2019. I chose to bring Disclosure to the Ventura area, as it was a special sleepy place for me. I raised my children there and had my own awakenings. I wanted to return the energy. 

It took everything I had to seed fund the conference. I alone accepted every risk and ALL liability. I knew that if it wasn't successful, I, alone, would have to declare bankruptcy. When operational funds from ticket sales were garnished by Paypal and then outright held in escrow by WIX, again, I had to find my own financial sources to keep the planning, permits and deposits going. 

(Complaint #86 - 4 EXHIBITS)


I crafted every nuance of thought and made every single final decision. The list is exhaustive and the documentation abundant, and will be posted here soon. It was my sole and total responsibility in every way and my absolute passion and love. I slept with my notebook so I could takes notes when I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. It was my winter, spring and summer. It was my journey. I worked through every difficulty and every blessing with the assistance of many co contributors. Corey was not one of them. Their excellence and dedication to a common vision helped create a fantastic culmination of brilliance. It was our collective baby, and very symbolic for me as an apex of several years of hard work producing events in the name of Disclosure.  It was my great honor.  (Complaint #86 - 27 EXHIBITS)


I had wanted to do a different kind of event, that would start steering away from the clique that had become so limiting. So I crossed my fingers and invited legend, David Icke to be the only Keynote Speaker and Headliner. I was beyond excited when he accepted my invitation and I began planning DoD as a David Icke conference. Optically, Corey and the other speakers I invited would be showcased featured Speakers. Icke would do a 6-8 hour session one day and a 5-6 hour Q & A the next, live as well as interacting with our livestream audience. With the release of his new movie and it being the only conference Icke would be appearing at in the US for 2019, I expected a full house.  In fact, I started looking for a different venue to accommodate more people. Based on Ickes reach, the Livestream audience would be in the 10’s of thousands, if not 100's. I began contemplating a template. (Complaint #86 - 4 EXHIBITS)


At the time, Corey Goode was publicly being accused of doxxing several members in the community or being responsible for directing others to do so. He was also entertaining ongoing battles with social media content creators who criticized him, as well as the ongoing drama, complete with lawsuits he had publicly created against his initial supporters, GaiaTV and producer, Jay Weidner. He was not being invited to the other big conferences in 2019, and was utilizing the "Blacklisted" narrative. A social media campaign began through a coordinated team of Corey's more "dedicated" followers,  saying that Corey was being blacklisted from these events, as well as by certain radio personalities.  With a hot bed of Corey controversy being instigated and maintained, after weeks of planning and advertising, David Icke's management received incriminating information about Corey Goode. They contacted me and started their inquiry with "Who is Corey Goode"?  Two days later, based on emails and discussions they had with others pertaining to Corey, Icke's management made the decision to renege on his contractual agreement with FDC, to participate in the conference. This was a huge blow for the conference, both financially and operationally.



I was devastated and numb. But I wasn’t surprised. Nefarious undercurrents were the flow with Corey, and one in association with him just got used to it. Corey would say we were being psychically and otherwise "attacked". I must say, that since leaving his association, the only thing I feel attacked by now, is Corey. Implied dark energies no longer follow me around waiting to sabotage my honest efforts.


Having lost Icke, and being the only one holding the bag for the entire endeavor, I needed to  re-adjust my sails and figure out a new plan. So I shifted gears and hoped for the best. With the help of Leon Kennedy to pitch my desperate and generous offer to David Wilcock to be the headliner, David and Elizabeth eventually agreed. Now the conference had a headliner and I could breath a little easier. I respected both him and Elizabeth and despite their high cost and extravagant requirements, I was really grateful they were coming. I started working out a new template for the conference.


David Wilcock was not a creator of DoD in any way. That implication is just totally false. I can't even imagine how it is that it was said in this lawsuit. I wonder if David even knows he's implied in this lawsuit several times, and how he is implied is totally false. COMPLAINT # 75 In fact, I was later informed that David tried to back out of his contract several times, due to conflicts with Corey. This unsureness would explain his limited personal promoting of the event. I am grateful that both Elizabeth and David chose to honor their contracts and appear. I think ultimately they are too. They did very well, and expressed their accolades and gratitude for such a professionally done event, where all their needs were considered. They said they would love to come back in 2020.



As I was off to a rocky start, I consulted with many different people on certain decisions I was making.  There were a lot of puzzle pieces. I started several different chat groups that I checked in to for collaboration on different aspects. Corey was in one of them. He checked in every now and then. Privately, I kept him updated in the beginning as I knew he appreciated that kind of thing. But after I lost Icke, I pretty much put my head down and went to work. The chatting was over. I knew what had to be done.  There was in no way EVER a partnership felt, inferred or implied, with anyone. Not with Corey, Roger, Leon or anyone. I was clearly on my own. I asked Corey how he would optically like to present himself and he did not respond. I was used to a non response as an answer. It was my experience that when he didn't respond to something it left him with options and loop holes for another time. I just carried on.  Eventually Leon, his current Proxy at the time, called to negotiate his Speaker fee.  Even though I asked him myself, many times, to clarify his expectations around compensation for the conference.  (COMPLAINT #86 & 89 - 5 EXHIBITS)



As a business decision I began the process of trademarking DoD on April 4, 2019. I lost David Icke after allegations towards Corey Goode poisoned Ickes commitment, and I felt I needed to protect the entity. I had no idea what new sabotage lurked around the corner, but I had already put myself on the line. It was a huge investment for me and I was now seeing where nefarious acts might get in the way of its success.  As well, I was going to take a huge gamble and produce an extensive multi-cinematic camera, multi-room livestream production of a show within a conference, to make up for ticket sales as well as to create content for future use. The "Livestream Experience" would be seen around the world and I felt the logo/brand, needed that kind of protection. My experience as a marketing professional always kicks in. It is Mr. Goodes complaint that I did so without consulting him, which never even crossed my mind. I took full ownership of an event I had been shepherding, in essence, for 3 years. I felt no need to check in with Corey or even Roger. They certainly didn't check in with me about business decisions they were making with their projects. It wasn't even appropriate. I was carrying that conference full on and if it failed I would be the only one holding the bag. Only me.   As it was, due to Corey's involvement directly or indirectly, the conference was already in a precarious situation. I didn't know or intend what the future of DoD partnerships would be, but I knew I needed to take care of the entity I had been entrusted with, by the community that helped create it.  It was an easy thing to do online, and almost incidental, compared to my exorbitant check list at the time. (Complaint #90 - #94 - 6 EXHIBITS )


Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 accomplished a lot of intentions. Roger was able to film a great deal of content for the movie “Cosmic Secret”, where I provided the crew with several specific interview rooms and spaces for filming and production. Because of our alignment, I also featured Cosmic Secret as our only panel. My intention was to help promote the new documentary, as I would have helped David Icke do.

One of the great successes was the "Livestream Experience" that I envisioned and produced with a fantastic team of professionals who had the same vision. The profit from this gamble was what put the conference in the black allowing me to actually fulfill the contracts with the speakers and ... everything else!  Otherwise, I would have most definitely not been able to pay people and would have had to issue alot of IOU's and file bankruptcy. In order to extend ticket sales and create additional content the risk was worth taking. Furthermore, thinking I could reach that many more people with Disclosure information in a cool presentation of a "live interactive show' within a conference, was exciting to me. Eventually I could offer it for free and let it spread. The expertise and quality of this production offered great longevity. The content would become a marketing agent both for the movie and the conference for next year. Roger built a movie trailer for Cosmic Secret and I agreed to attached that to the opening of each talk. These types of win-win-win arrangements were always meant to help spread Disclosure information,  as was always my mission.  My intention was to offer the additional workshop content for sale to help all the speakers during the conference "down times" and offer the entire Livestream content for free to those who were unable to pay for it when it occurred live.   Later, those opportunities would become tainted through intimidation and interference and the possible income, for everyone; lost. But the greater loss here, was the Disclosure information that was gathered that would not be reaching a larger audience in a timely way, all because of some weird mis placed sense of "ownership" and the need for power, as intimidation tactics spread to anyone interested in showcasing the content on their channel or network.  I was informed that an inner group of content creators received instructions from Corey's counsel to report and screen capture any conversations they might have with Roger and Leon, and later the same directive went out to the community concerning myself. As people shied away,  the opportunity to share the Disclosure information to even more people, was lost. I have since put a good deal of the talks on the Dimensions of Disclosure website for free. They are really excellent. (7 -EXHIBITS)


Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 was a beautiful success and I was really honored to work with the Speakers who gave their all and the absolute Pros who made that conference amazing. Every single person was working right in their passion and it was a symphony of collaboration. I was humbled by the excellence of all the people who made that conference work, many of them on the hope it would see a profit as they were working and creating for a percentage. That's a pretty big gamble for some and I am grateful they took the risk to see the vision expand into a cosmic collaboration beyond our expectations. I don't think Corey could offer the names of even one of those people. 

(Complaint  #86)


After the Conference was over, I promptly paid Corey his Speaker fee, that he had Leon negotiate for him. In fact, I walked it into his bank for him and texted him the receipt. A few weeks later I got a call from Leon saying Corey wanted more money from DoD. I was taken aback of course because it hadn't been previously discussed, AND I had asked SO many times...BEFORE the conference!!  But I agreed and sent him an additional offering of 15% of the profits, which was the same as part of David Wilcocks deal. Since Leon negotiated both of their fees and Corey and David both were given percentages of the gross profits, I sent Leon an accounting P&L from DoD2019, along with confirmation of payments given to David and Corey.  After David's percentage, and then Corey's, the profit was about 55k. Corey's claim that it made a "million dollars"  and that he deserved AT LEAST $100,000 is not only hilarious but actually speaks to how uninvolved he really was.  Creating and maintaining the conference took about 9 months of my full time attention and obsession, including my dreams and nightmares. And I cherished every minute. (Complaint  #87, 88 & 89) 

(Complaint  #106) (5 -EXHIBITS)


In September of 2019 Corey's new lawyer, Liz Lorie, who I briefly met at DoD, contacted me to inquire as to why I felt DoD was "mine" and why I trademarked DoD. Initially, I was shocked and really hurt. I couldn't get past the fact I was talking to a lawyer who spoke with an accusatory tone, who had NO idea of any history, and not Corey himself. The effort to try to intimidate me with her language and angle was obvious. It's absolutely mind boggling why he didn't just call me himself for what would have been a friendly conversation, reaching an amicable solution. In fact, to this day, I have not communicated with Corey directly since September 2019, nearly a year.  I was very open at the time to discuss the terms of DoD and moving forward into 2020. But as I moved through the process, I became aware that the agenda was not to create a mutual agreement that was fair for everyone, it was to remove me completely, while getting me to agree to lies that would create a false narrative. Later I was told that directly after the initial call with Liz, even tho I was open to creating some type of percentage/ alignment moving forward, Corey said they didn't want a mutual split because he and Liz were going to create their own event company together. And that creating conferences was "Easy Peasy". Apparently tho, they needed my templates, and everything else. I'm fairly certain that this was a conflict of interest for the attorney Liz, who managed to garner a Speaking engagement at ECETI- the UFO conference, but that's not my battle... right now.

I entered into the process of a "settlement agreement", but it fell flat because initially I was being bullied to relinquish EVERYTHING I had created with my business, Full Disclosure Collaborative, LLC. From the trademark, domain name, all branding, complete finished website, social media presence, to FDC's accounting, contracts, contacts, emails, names of volunteers, vendors, purveyors, professionals, the content I created with the Livestream Experience, to lists and analytics, account passwords for things I established, etc. AND an extensive NDA.  But worse, within the formulation of the "settlement", I was being asked to sign an "agreement" that contained a narrative that simply wasn't true. The narrative eliminated Roger from the last 3 years of collaboration and partnerships together, saying it was just Corey and I doing the event productions from 2017 on. They wanted me to agree to untrue statements followed then by a cascading series of supporting untrue statements along with my templates, rolodex and a pretty stringent NDA. (Oh yeah... 4 EXHIBITS)

When I brought it to their attention that the narrative in the "agreement" was completely false, that Roger was indeed the HUGEST part of the last 3 years, Corey said (through Liz) that I needed to produce a contract or something in writing concerning our agreements together for the past 3 years, that could support what I knew to be true. Corey was stating that he and I were 50/50 partners! lol!  This is just crazy since Corey never did anything work-wise and I would NEVER enter into that kind of arrangement with him. But they said I needed to prove, on paper, that Roger was a part of it.  As was established, Corey knew darn well there was no such written agreements in the previous years of our collaborations.

It was a defining moment for me, as I realized the level of manipulation I was involved in, since it was Corey who never signed contracts between us. It was with that the tone was set. I realized I was not dealing with an honest "agreement", but coercion, intimidation and manipulation. Even if I didn't love Roger as a brother, it simply wasn't true. I was flabbergasted. This was the defining moment when I realized I may have been walking with someone entirely different than who I thought he was. This was the catalyst of a depression I sank into, that allowed me to untangle the last 3 years of what I came to believe.  (3 EXHIBITS) 

I said I wouldn't agree to lies and when Corey realized they had no way to push me into submission, all they could do was revert to an original offer I had extended back in September, of sharing the entity at a 33% split each with Corey, Roger and myself. But by now, because of this unfathomable posturing from someone I once trusted, I wanted nothing more to do with Corey Goode. At the very least, he certainly wasn't my kind of "business partner" material, as he had undeniably shown me his truest intentions. I just wanted out of the Corey Goode sphere. I suggested that Corey forget the fancy "whereas's" and "theretofores" of legal manipulation and just make me a straight up offer for the trademark, domain name, and social media pages only, so he could go do more DoD conferences on his own with my blessing.  Apparently, he didn't want to do that. Instead, I was consequently folded into this lawsuit.  (3 EXHIBITS)


I've since reflected on the possible intentions. And since I'm one of those critical thinkers, I came to suspect that if Corey could establish ownership of DoD 2019, he could then support his allegation that Jay Weidner, obstructed Corey's business when Jay contacted David Icke to inform him about his own experiences with Corey. This indeed caused Icke's management to renege on the contract (with me, through FDC) to appear. A David Icke conference had a profit potential in the millions. Corey was already suing Jay, so this would add millions to Corey's lawsuit against Jay, IF DoD2019 "belonged" to Corey. FURTHERMORE, had I agreed to the "settlement" it would have supported the narrative that Roger never had anything to do with a collaboration between all of us in the previous years, on paper or otherwise. Which is ridiculous since NOTHING would have EVER happened without Roger. I wouldn't even have been involved in the movement had Roger not been a part of it.  It seemed to me that Corey didn't REALLY want ownership of DoD to do conferences, he wanted me to sign that agreement that would make me a liar and further his personal cause, which now seemed a vendetta. 



Our relationship also had Corey, Leon, Roger and later Jordan Sather and several other investors investing in the project of growing hemp for CBD products that would carry the SBA Brand name, for Corey, and white labeled for others. We began this project on a plot of land at our animal rescue where I live with my husband, adult children and at the time, several "disclosure community" Starseeds, who participated in the project. An ROI and a written (unsigned) agreement was entered into. Disclaimers were made concerning possible loss scenarios, including acts of god and unforeseen legal issues.  We erected ONE additional "indoor" greenhouse and filled it with hemp, using our existing greenhouse for clone production. Another greenhouse was slated to be erected for rotation. However, after the hemp was growing for a few months,  the county where I reside issued an emergency moratorium ban on growing hemp and therefore made the hemp illegal and no further product production could take place. No legal product could be made. All investments were lost at that point, with our ranch taking the lions share of the loss. The crop was now illegal and needed to be destroyed. We took the gamble and continued to maintain the crop at our own expense hoping the Ban would be lifted. But the Board of Supervisors made it clear that it would not be lifted any time soon. We knew legally, we needed to destroy the crop. This wasn't difficult since the plants seemed to start self destructing anyway due to a very wet season and a systemic mold disease we could not get on top off. The investment was a 100% loss and there is no obligation to return invested funds. However, our own code of personal responsibility and ethics dictates otherwise and we have offered all investors of that failed venture, opportunities in another project, so that they could eventually see a return. Understanding the situation, all of them except Corey, are taking this opportunity. We had tried to work with Corey on it, but now he's suing me.  Corey was informed of all of this as it happened. Additionally, my husband tried to talk to Corey at DoD2019 about the possible recouping of the investment, but he brushed my husband off and no conversation was had. Roger Richards and I never had a conversation with "the Goodes" at DoD2019 about the failed crop or anything to do with the situation, furthermore Stacy wasn't even there at DoD. I don't understand why Corey has included this totally false statement in his lawsuit. (#84) (Complaint #80, 81,82,84,85,106 - 6 EXHIBITS)

And then there's today ... 

My own awakening occurred well before I stumbled into the Gaia network and added Corey Goode to the list of those claiming to have had extraordinary experiences, some similar to my own.


From a pretty young age, I knew that at one point there would be a time on the planet when we would be launched into chaos and great change and Awakening would occur. I knew I had a place in that chaos as a soldier of change, and that everything was going to be alright.  I am confident that our human brilliance will one day empower the world we know we are capable of creating. 


There are a lot of of amazing people from around the planet that are vested in bringing forth the awareness of this Awakening.  So many beautiful souls, owning their missions, courageously pushing through the uncertainty with discernment to initiate the final roar that will push this movement over the edge. We are almost at the top of this mountain.


When I became involved with the Full Disclosure Project I was hopeful.  I felt empowered.  Roger's energy and enthusiasm was contagious. Corey’s story about his involvement in the military mind control programs as a child and the Secret Space Program was not the first time I became aware of such information. But I was deeply reminded of that truth, when he started sharing his story. I was excited that he was imparting this knowledge to those who could stretch their minds to understand the details of such experiences, or awaken to their own. I ignored the accusations that his story was crafted through many different sources. The Blue Avian message of Service to Others was a version of truth I had understood both inherently through Natural Law and through the many different wisdom traditions and spiritual disciplines and practices I have had the blessings to explore during my nearly 57 years here. What made Corey special for me was that with our help, he wasn’t being stopped and we shared information that was flooding the Awakenings of many people who resonated and many who had similar experiences.


It just escapes me why Corey didn't just give me a call to talk things out. My only deduction was he he just wanted Liz to rip my heart out and get what she could. I am often reflecting these days on how I got so taken in and why. I ignored many red flags, I made many excuses, I held space for energies not congruent with my own for the sake of getting the mission accomplished. In reflection, I realize there certainly was and is an expected mentality associated with Corey and SBA. I now akin my loyalty to a captor, who's hostages develop an understanding for the "anti" behavior. I am 100% responsible for my involvement, but the reality of my increasing enabling has showed me how detrimental that truly was, for everyone. I see where the mind control sneaks in. I never wanted money, or a new career. I was happily retired with a very rich life, when I jumped in to volunteer. That's why it's really easy for me to walk away from everything Corey wanted from me, except my soul. Signing his "agreement" would have comprised everything I hold sacred about standing up for Truth.

I no longer recognize the man I thought I knew.  I don't think the truth of his behavior is a revealing, but more of a becoming. He didn't start out as this person who I see now. In my opinion, Corey Goode is a human, with a lot of very complicated problems and lives with the consequences of that. IIs he trained in military intelligence techniques?  I feel compassion for his family that I got to know and love. But his misrepresentation of just about everything, makes me wonder not only who he is but why he is here. He is literally torturing and betraying those closest to him who have loyally supported him through COUNTLESS difficult endeavors, who have wanted nothing but the best for him and his family. There is nothing evolved or enlightened about suing those who believe in you. In fact, one wonders if the self-sabotage is somehow part of a destructive plan. 


Considering my words will be a hard reconciliation for a lot of Coreys fans and followers. I know many of you. It questions your own Awakening. Believe me, I understand. I have spent many recent months in a deep depression, silence and meditation working through this trauma. But when I hear “Corey Goode couldn’t have done that, he was responsible for my Awakening”, I just cringe. As if one thing had anything to do with the other.  I pray as sovereign beings we all have the clarity of knowing that the only person responsible for your Awakening is you. And while you can be inspired and motivated to awareness, enlightened to new possibilities and align in camaraderie with those who have had similar connections,  the choice is yours to decide to Awaken, or not. And then  the path is only yours to walk. If you hook your cord only to those who inspire your awakening, you are forever enslaved by that attachment and definition. In truth, that is how a cult is maintained. If you go against the narrative of that mentality, you are labeled a problem. Or in this case "deep state", "the dark alliance" or "the Cabal".

It is up to you to take that Awakening, bless and be in gratitude for all that inspire you and figure out your own path. Your own special purpose. No can do that for you and relying on or being devoted to a "Public Figure" that conforms to your initial beliefs, is just trading one kind of delusion for another and grossly limits your evolution. Corey's story offers a lot of Disclosure, but don't rest there thinking you know all there is to know, waiting for him to drop more pearls of intel, waiting for a solar flash or for mass arrests, or for the days of jubilee. There is so much more beyond his scope and story. He may have just been a beginning and should learn how to pass the baton.


We are ALL in this together. Equally. We each have our mission, our own power and our own shine. When we use that in collaboration it is a POWERFUL force. There are no sides. There is no authority. There is no hierarchy. There is no division, unless it is chosen and fostered, by the implication that there is division. There is no one way or right way to arrive, awaken or transmute the energies. The path is an individual river, flowing into the great ocean of One. A star with many spokes. We are all on this journey together and it is with the greatest love and hope for humanity that we continue this movement towards a deeper understanding of this spiritual and technological rEvolution, while steering the timeline and dismantling the veil of lies our human brilliance has been cloaked in. There is still much work to be done. I myself, am not finished yet, and not even being sued by Corey Goode can stand in my way. In fact, it has motivated a deeper awareness allowing a continued awakening, made me stronger as a result of considering very difficult truths and standing in my own integrity. It's challenged my fortitude and aligned me with new direction and whats next in my own mission. It has given me an edge in my discernment process I didn't have before, while looking at my own motivations to being here. I am sincerely grateful for all that has transpired and trust all the friends, teachers and experiences that keep showing me the way to human freedom. I am forever honored and humbled to be walking this path. It truly is up to us. 


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