The Cosmic Justice Legal Fund

There are many who have experienced similar circumstances. We are here to provide support with a safe place to tell your story in total confidentiality. 


If you feel called to support our journey we humbly and graciously are accepting contributions to the legal fund.


Donations go towards the legals fees of the defendants as well as for others coming forward who may need assistance.   

Cosmic Justice Support ~

We have been contacted by several individuals who have had confusing and/or negative experiences or have been affected adversely by the behavior of such "spiritual leaders".  There are also those who have done in-depth research and have a good deal of supporting evidence, concerning different situations. 


We are here to offer support by way of conversation, direction, resources and legal assistance, including offering financial assistance from the Cosmic Justice legal fund, to those who may require it.  We are also willing to include your corroborating evidence here, in the Cosmic Justice court of Public Opinion, either anonymously or otherwise.

We are here to help. You are not alone. 

Please contact us. ALL Correspondence is completely confidential.

Contact Us ~ all submissions go directly to the defendants. We would love to hear from you!